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So the last ten months have been interesting. At christmas time I became very ill, when I finally went to the doctors I was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease - for those who dont know thats normal liver disease but not because of alcohol, because of me being overweight. The only way to combat NAFLD is to loose weight. So I set about dieting and working out regularly with my brother and over the last ten months have lost a total of four stone - I'm not finished yet but so far I'm very pleased with the results! Because of my weight loss I have combatted NAFLD and no longer have it - although I have also found out that I have IBS - not ideal but it's not going to kill me! A few months ago I signed myself and my brother up to the Mens Health Survival of the Fittest - this is a 10k run with 10 obstacles to combat before climbing over an 8 foot high wall to finish. This weekend I ran did the challenge, after months of training I felt I was ready - although the longest I had run was 8k so was a little short but knew i could do it - by the time I saw the 10k marker I was tired, my feet were blistered, I was soaking wet from swimming through lakes but I was LOVING it, however the 10k marker wasnt at the end of the course - the end of the course was in fact 12k - liars! After completing the course I felt so happy, overwhelmed and strangely relaxed - I had done it, I had lost weight, I had ran further than I (or anyone else for that matter) could have imagined and I had enjoyed the challenge. So whats this got to do with photography? Not much to be honest - although it has given me a new found respect for our athletes - train hard, play hard! I have decided to do it again, just dont know when, and I certainly want to be involved in photographing it, having now been on the recieving end I know how hard it is!   Thanks for reading!  
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