Buy local this Christmas

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can improve the economy and make a difference, it’s got me thinking about how we buy things and the convenience culture we live in. Now, before I put you all off I want you to know something - although I buy a lot from local stores which are not chains and support the local businessmen and women, I also buy from big chain companies that dominate the market, the reason I buy from the big chains is usually cost and convenience. This got me thinking, and after a bit of searching I have realised that although still less convenient I can usually get the same products that I can from a big chain, from a smaller one man band for about the same price – this doesn’t solve the convenience of it however this year I did vow to change my ways and become less lazy, and on that line I have decided wherever possible, no matter how inconvenient it is, I can usually wait and search and don’t need it immediately. So I want to encourage you, (yes you – imagine the WWII posters with the big finger pointing!) to buy locally this Christmas, whether that a real Christmas tree from your local family florist, a turkey from a farm down the road, handmade cards and gifts  no matter what you can usually find it locally and support your fellow people. In supporting your local community you might even make someone else’s Christmas worthwhile. I also want to finish this by informing you that my picture frames and locally sourced and handmade, my albums are handmade (and I’m looking for a more local album supplier). I have had the great pleasure in working with and supporting so many small and local businesses and I want to say thank you, to everyone who has worked with me.   I want to supply you with a list of small businesses I have had the pleasure in working with.  
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