Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Booking a wedding photographer can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many people willing to take your wedding photos out there all offering different yet similar services and all at varying prices. They’re also all different in quality and skill. I want to provide you with a few simple tips in booking a wedding photographer to help you feel a little less overwhelmed.


1. Portfolio. Most people can take a decent photograph, a happy accident if you will. By looking at a photographers portfolio and albums you can check the consistency of the quality and check their style suits yours.   2 “Photographer” Nowadays everyman and his dog can call themselves a photographer, with cheap cameras coming onto the market with auto functions a hobbyist photographer can pick up a camera and take ‘okay’ photos. When booking a photographer check how much they practice photography. So many so called ‘photographers’ only do it for a little bit of cash, look for a photographer who does it as their main job, they will be more reliable and care more about their products than the shoot and burn photographer (a photographer who just photographs a wedding and puts the images on a disk with no regard for their final output or edit). Remember – a professional photographer has a reputation to uphold!   3. Qualifications. Not all professional photographers have or need a qualification, however if one can be found you can usually rest assured that they have had adequate training on camera techniques meaning they will be more professional and be able to work well under pressure if things don’t go exactly to plan.     4. Price. All photographers charge different rates. This can be good because you can normally find a photographer to suit your budget however there are a few things to be wary of. Cheap doesn’t always mean cheery, a professional photographer takes time to plan your days photos, looks at your venues before the day, usually you will have met with the photographer once or twice before the day. They will shoot all day, spend most of the evening making multiple backups of your photos and then spend days editing and organising your photos for whatever media you choose to receive the images on. A professional photographer will also have insurance, backup equipment and backup photographers so you can rest assured that nothing would ruin your wedding photos.


5. Interpersonal Relationship. Your photographers will be sharing your wedding day with you so its important that you get along well. In your pre wedding meetings with your photographer you will get a feel for how well you get along. Choose a photographer you are comfortable with and you feel relaxed with, this is important as this will make you more relaxed on the big day.     6. Backup Plan Although you may not think or want it, sometimes-bad things happen. Make sure to ask your photographer what their backup plan is, what happens if they suddenly become too ill to attend? What happens if their car breaks down or their cameras break? By asking some simple questions you should get an idea on how they’d deal with issues and how well they’ve planned your wedding.     7. Few final words. Check your photographer is insured, this covers you in the event anything goes wrong (its also worth you getting wedding insurance to cover yourselves aswell in case something happens). A lot of good photographers are backed by an institute or professional body, there are only a few good bodies out there such as the British Institute of Professional Photography and Society of Wedding and Portrait photographers. Be wary of some other bodies as many you can just pay a fee for without having to prove competency. ALWAYS sign a contract; a contract will cover BOTH parties. A decent wedding photographer will treat your day less like a job and more like a wedding.


8. Booking. Wedding photographers can be booked up weeks in advance so don’t leave it too late. When you book you should get a booking confirmation and a contract.     Lastly. Have fun! Choosing a photographer should be fun, you’re planning your wedding day after all. Don’t be pressurised or feel that you’ve had the hard sell.   If in any doubt, find our details on the contact page and get in touch for an informal chat, after all, i love photography and i love weddings!
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  1. Gary February 5, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    I totally agree Tom 🙂

    Sadly, the importance of getting the above right only becomes clear after the wedding. Great advice.

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