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So it's been a while. I've been upto a lot recently so I thought I might give you a quick update. This was wrote on Christmas Eve but I forgot to post it! I won't bother to edit it to make it sound new so read it thinking its Christmas Eve still! So a few weeks ago... Okay nearly a MONTH ago, I photographed a live worship event at Trent Vineyard. It was amazing, I don't get star struck because of the nature of my job but it was a privilege to photograph two of my favourite worship bands. It was a truly amazing night and it made me realise just how much I love my job - and my church. A week or two ago I was also asked to photograph the Christmas carol service at church. As usual it was an incredible performance and all the hard work and prep we put in - I also helped with the stage and light rigging / derig - really paid off.  
Big Church 18.jpgBig Church 27.jpgBig Church 63.jpgBig Church 9.jpgBig Church 94.jpgCarol Service 10.jpgCarol Service 14.jpgCarol Service 16.jpgCarol Service 18.jpgCarol Service 2.jpgCarol Service 22.jpgCarol Service 24.jpgCarol Service 27.jpgCarol Service 28.jpgCarol Service 34.jpgCarol Service 38.jpgCarol Service 39.jpgCarol Service 40.jpgCarol Service 41.jpg
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