New year and new challenges.

So it's a new year. I hope everyone is having a great January and enjoyed Christmas and New Years. Every year I try to set myself a challenge, something to push me mentally and to get me doing stuff that I might not openly choose to do. This year I was thinking through all the photo a day challenges and I came up with one that I want to do, one that I think will push me and challenge me, and one that will get all you guys and girls involved. So here it is. This year I want to do a photo a week, but I want you as my readers, fans, friends and family to submit ideas, topics and photographs you would like to see me work on. In return to this if I use your topic I will send you a print of the final image to display in your home! So what do you have to do? Just contact me... Either by email or drop me a message on Tom Cooke Photography Facebook Page or finally a message on Tom Cooke Photography Twitter account   Ive also embarked on a personal challenge, well, two really. The first one is a continuation of last year, to get even fitter and healthier. The second of which is a new one for me, and slightly bizarre. First an story behind it, back in the summer I was at my sisters and she was showing me an amazing recipe book, I liked it so much I asked for it for Christmas. When Christmas came I was glad to see I got the recipe book, its the Hairy Bikers Pie book. So this weekend I made my first ever pie, significant because I don't often opt for pie! And so, the challenge, to make a new pie every Saturday night. So we'll see how that goes, I will try to do the occasional update with pictures but cant guarantee i will always have time.
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